Wednesday, 08 February 2017

CBHPC 2008: Camera Ready Information

Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN
and held as a part of CompArch federated events

ACM Camera Ready Instructions

Copyright form (only for full papers)

  1. Please fill and signed the copyright form available here.
  2. Fax it signed to Masha Sosonkina, +1 (515) 294-5204

Information on the copyright form can be found here.

Deadline: We must have received the copyright form by September 5th. Otherwise, the paper may not be published by ACM.


Paper must conform to the ACM sig-alternate style, available here.

ACM Copyright Statement (only full papers)

Please add the following lines just before the \begin{document} to produce the standard ACM copyright.

\conferenceinfo{CBHPC 2008,} {October 14--17, 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany.}

Important: in case the default ACM copyright does not hold, please use the \permission latex command. Possible alternatives are explained here.

Latex & Fonts

Latex user PDFs generated from LaTEX files generally do not display well on screen because the fonts that are generated from LaTEX for the PDFs are bitmap images.

Whenever possible, please substitute Type 1 Postscript fonts for Type 3 fonts in LaTEX files, then generate PS or PDF. The following document, available on Adobe’s Web site, provides detailed information on substituting Adobe Type 1 fonts into some LaTEX papers to correct this problem. This information may or may not be applicable for your conference papers. See this page.

In addition, the American Mathematical Society (AMS) has made a Type 1 version of the Computer Modern outline font freely available for download at its Web site.

Final Version Submission

Final submissions should made here using the Proceedings menu entry.

Deadline: September 5th.