Thursday, 09 February 2017

Arriving by Airplane

When traveling to Karlsruhe, the nearest airports are (the listing is sorted according to the ease with which the airports are reachable):

  • Frankfurt International Airport
    If you arrive in Frankfurt, the easiest way to Karlsruhe is by train. Frankfurt Airport has an ICE high speed train station directly attached to it. Follow the signs ?long distance trains?/?Fernbahnhof? in Frankfurt. As a rule of thumb, the trains operate every hour from Frankfurt Airport to Karlsruhe and the trip itself also takes about one hour. For traveling with the train from "Frankfurt (M) Flughafen Fernbf" (airport station) please look at Arriving By Train.
  • Stuttgart International Airport
    If you arrive in Stuttgart, the easiest way to Karlsruhe is by train. You can take the airport metro (S-Bahn) to Stuttgart main station from which trains to Karlsruhe operate every half hour as a rule of thumb. Your time of overall time of travel is going to be between one and two hours (depending on the train type and connections). For traveling with the train from "STR StuttgartAirport" (airport station) please look at Arriving By Train.
  • Karlsruhe-Baden (maily served by low-cost carriers)
    If you arrive at Karlsruhe-Baden, there is a shuttle-bus having a non-stop trip to Karlsruhe train station. It takes about half an hour drive to Karlsruhe. The schedule can be found at the operator's site
  • Other airports
    There are other airports that are located around 2 hours or less away from Karlsruhe (you'll need to find out how to get to the Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof main train station by digging into the web pages linked):
    • Airport Strasbourg (around 1 hour by car; public transportation available but requires many changes)
    • EuroAirport Basel (around 2 hours by car; coach to/from Freiburg and city bus to/from Basel SBB available)
    • Frankfurt Hahn (around 2 hours by car; public transportation connections to different cities are avaiable). Please note that Franfurt Hahn is neither identical nor near Frankfurt (International) Airport!

Arriving by Train

Karlsruhe has an excellently served station connected to the high speed train network. The main operator is the German Railways (Deutsche Bahn AG) which provides a multilingual online service at which allows you to plan and/or book your journey. It is advised to choose the main station (Karlsruhe Hbf) as destination. Train tickets can also be purchased at counters or multilingual vending machines within the stations. Credit and debit cards are accepted.
After you have arrived at the main station you can use taxis or the excellent local transportation to get to your hotel or the conference. Both are available outside of the "exit city / Ausgang City". Local transportation is operated by the Karlsruher Verkehrs Verbund (KVV). If you want use it you will find ticket vending machines for the KVV in the station's main hall. For a single ticket, press ?Einzelfahrkarte? (topmost left button), afterwards press 002 to select Karlsruhe. The ticket costs 2 ¤ (opposed to taxi trips which most probably lie between 8 ¤ and 15 ¤). Additional information on public transportation in Karlsruhe is available at the Getting Around page.

Arriving by Car

Karlsruhe is connected to several freeways (the famous "Autobahn"). You can travel to Karlruhe via:

  • A5 from Hamburg, Frankfurt, Mannheim/Heidelberg in the North
  • A5 from Basel, Freiburg, Straßburg in the South
  • A8 from München/Munich, Ulm, Stuttgart in the East, via an interchange with the A5 directly to Karlsruhe
  • A65 from Landau, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, France in the West which turns into the B10 directly ahead of Karlsruhe

If you are not regularly visiting Karlsruhe, we propose to use a trip planner. These are for example map24, or Mappoint. The tourist information of Karlsruhe also provides you with plenty of information as well.

Parking possibilities are pointed out on the campus map. There also is a free parking lot called "Waldparkplatz" within 1 km walking distance from the lecture hall. The exact location of the Waldparkplatz is shown on the map.